Itinerary of the trip to Indochina 2019/2020

Itinraire du voyage en Indochine 2019/2020

Reiseroute der Reise nach Indochina 2019/2020

Overnight stays, nuites, Uebernachtungen:
Day, jour, Tag Date, Datum Place, emplacement, Ort Country, pays, Land Lodging, hbergement, Behausung Daytime activity, highlights
10 13.11.19 Ban Suan Resort, Aranya Prathet TH Camping in resort International car registration, transfert BKK-Aranya Prathet
11 14-15.11.19 Phare Ponleu Selpak School KHM Camping in school Bordercrossing, Phare Ponleu Selpak circus
12 Phare Ponleu Selpak school, Battambang
13 16.11.19 Rhum Lok Ta Savy, Russey Krok KHM Camping on private farm Phnom Sampov temple and cave, Rhum Lok Ta Savy 
14 17.11.19 Banteay Chhmar temple, Tempel
15 18.11.19 Angkor tourist police, police des touristes KHM Camping on police station Transfert Russey Krok - Siam Reap
16 19.11.19 Touristenpolizei Sightseeing of, visite d', Besichtigung von Angkor 1
17 20.11.19 Bloom Garden guest house KHM Camping on hotel ground Sightseeing of, visite de, Besichtigung von Siem Reap
18 21.11.19 Sightseeing of, visite d', Besichtigung von Angkor 2
19 22.11.19 Swimming pool, shopping, car repair
20 23.11.19 Angkor tourist police KHM Camping on police station Sightseeing of, visite d', Besichtigung von Angkor 3, Tonle Sap
21 24.11.19 Phumi Thlk KHM Camping in temple Transfert Siem Reap - Phumi Thlk
22 25.11.19 Wat Yeay Tep, Kampong Chhnang KHM Camping in temple Transfert Phumi Thlk-Kampong Chhnang, floating villages
23 26.11.19 Wat Botum Vatey, Phnom Penh KHM Camping in temple Transfert Kampong Chhnang-Phnom Penh, Udong
24 27.11.19 Phnom Penh, Russian Market
25 28.11.19 10 Km south of, au sud de, sdlich von Kratie  KHM Wild camping Transfert Phnom Penh-Kratie, Wat Moha Leap
26 29.11.19 Pothi Nhean Pagoda, Stung Treng KHM Camping in Temple Transfert Kratie-Stung Treng, Kratie, Phnom Sambok Pagoda
27 30.11.19 Rattanasing Restaurant, Don Khong LAO Camping on private ground Transfert Stung Treng-Don Khon, border crossing Cambodia-Laos
28 01.12.19 Roundtrip, tour de, Rundfahrt Don Kong, Don San
29 02.12.19 500m from Khonephapheng waterfall LAO Wild camping Bike tour, tour en vlo, Radtour Don Som-Don Det-Don Khon
30 03.12.19 In front of Wat Phou Salao, Pakse LAO Wild camping Khonephapheng waterfall, cataractes, Wasserfall, Pakse
31 04.12.19 Near Tad Low waterfall, Tad Lo LAO Wild camping Transfert Pakse-Tad Lo, Tad Soung, Tat Low & Tat Hang waterfalls 
32 05.12.19 Next, prs, nahe AH 11 120 Km N of, de, von Pakse LAO Wild camping Routing error, erreur d'itinraire, Routenfehler
33 06.12.19 In front, devant, vor Tham Pha In Cave, grotte LAO Wild camping Transfert day. Tham Xang, Tham Pha Fa, Tham Pha In cave, grotte 
34 07.09.19 Near, prs, nah Tham Kong Lor cave, grotte, Hhle LAO Wild camping Drive through the, traverse des, Durchquerung der Khammouans I
35 08.10.19 Opposite, en face de, gegenber von Pak Kading LAO Wild camping Khammouans II, Tham Kong Lor cave, grotte, Hhle
36 09.10.19 In, , in Na Tai LAO Wild camping Transfert Pak Kading-Na Tai
37 10.10.19 Wat Haysoke, Ventiane LAO Camping in temple Transfert Na Tai-Vientiane, Ventiane
38 11.10.19 Wat Thadeua, near Thanaleng   LAO Camping in temple Wat Sisaket, Boun That Luang, Xieng Khouan Buddha Park
39 12.10.19 Dane Pha canyon, Muang Phon-Hong LAO Wild camping Visa trip to Thailand, Vang Xang Buddhas, Dane Pha canyon
40 13.10.19 Tha Heua LAO Wild camping Dane Pha canyon, Nam Ngum Reservoir
41 14.12.19 Nam Song River, rivire, Fluss, Viengsamai LAO Wild camping Nam Ngum Reservoir, Vang Vieng
42 15.12.19 Tham Pou Kham, Blue Lagoon 1
43 16.12.19 Wat Thuoen, Phonsavan LAO Camping in temple Vang Vieng-Phonsavan,  Plain of Jars, plaine des jarres, Ebene der Krge
44 17.12.19 800 m out of, hors de, ausserhalb Phou Khoun LAO Wild camping Phonsavan-Phou Khoun, Plain of Jars, plaine des jarres, Ebene der Krge
45 18.12.19 Wat Aham, Luang Prabang LAO Camping in temple Phou Khun- Luang Prabang, Luang Prabang
46 19.12.19 Wat Naxao Sukharam, Khuan Si Waterfall
47 20.12.19  Car check up & wash, Wat Xient Thong, Phou Si hill
48 21.12.19 Phone Elephant Camp, Ban Pak Ou LAO Camping in elephant camp Giving Ceremony, National Museum, Ban Pak Ou
49 22.12.19 Vat Ban Thieng, Oudomxai LAO Camping in temple Tham Ting (Pak Ou Cave), Oudomxai, Vat Phou That, Vat Ban Thieng
50 23.12.19 Shore, berge, Ufer Nam Ou, Muang Khua LAO Wild camping Vat Phou That, Vat Ban Thieng, Vat Phachao Singkham, Muang La
51 24.12.19 Border crossing 113, Laos LAO Wild camping Muang Khua, bath in, bain dans, Bad im Nam Ou
52 25.12.19 P T VNM Wild camping Bordercrossing, the landscape, les paysages, die Ausblicke
53 26.12.19 Phong Hai VNM Wild camping Lai Chau, Tram Ton Pass, Ta Pa, the landscape, les paysages, die Ausblicke
54 27.12.19 Hanoi VNM Hotel Hanoi
55 28.12.19
56 29.12.19 Beach near, plage prs de, Strand nah Ct B town VNM Wild camping Ct B island, le, Insel and, et, und town, Lan-Ha bay, baie, Bucht, 
57 30.12.19 Beach west, plage l'ouest, Strand im Westen Ct B Halong bay, baie, Bucht
58 31.12.19 Tam Coc Ninh Binh VNM Wild camping Boat tour on, tour de bateau sur, Boottour auf Tam Coc Ninh Binh
59 01.01.20 Cathedral, cathdrale, Kathedrale Phat Diem, Bich Dong pagoda 
60 02.01.20 Nh Th K Mui church, glise, Kirche, Ph Chu VNM Camping in church area Transfer day on Hoh Chi Minh Highway
61 03.01.20 In front, devant, vor Chang My restaurant, Phong Nha VNM Camping on private ground Dng Thin Durng (Paradise Cave), Phong Nha
62 04.01.20 Din Lc Beach, plage, Strand VNM Wild camping Vinh Moc Caves, Mine Action Visitor Center
63 05.01.20 Phu Dien Beach, plage, Strand VNM Wild camping Hue, Gia Long Tomb, tombe, Grab, Tien Mu Pagoda, pagode
64 06.01.20 Entry, entre, Eingang Intercontinental Hotel, Danang VNM Wild camping Danang, Dragon bridge, pont, Brcke, Cao Di Temple, Hai Van Quan pass
65 07.01.20 Ha My Beach, Hi An VNM Wild camping Nui Song Tra (Mickey Hill), Hi An
66 08.01.20 Tam Thanh Beach, Tam Thanh VNM Wild camping Hi An, Rehahn Galery & tribal museum, Tam Thanh Mural Village
67 09.01.20 Quy Ha Beach, Quy Nhon VNM Wild camping Rice fields & water, rizires & eau, Reisfelder & Wasser
68 10.01.20 Di Lit Si Con Tu Khng So, Nin Vn VNM Wild camping Beautiful coastline, magnifique litoral, wunderbare Kste
69 11.01.20 Bai Di Nha Trang Beach VNM Wild camping Do Khnh L pass, D Lat, Crazy House D La, Nha Trang
70 12.01.20 Bu Trang (Lotus Lake), Ha Thang VNM Wild camping P Klong Garai Cham towers, tours, Trme, coastline, litoral, Kste 
71 13.01.20 Mui Hn Lan, 10 Km south west of K G Cape VNM Wild camping Bu Trang  Lake & Sand Dunes Ha Thng, Sui Tin Mui N Springs
72 14.01.20 Beach at, plage , Strand in Vung Tau VNM Wild camping Beaches on the way, Vung Tau
73 15.01.20 Boa Anh Hostel, Ho Chi Minh City VNM Hotel Jade Emperor Pagoda, war museum, central post office, Notre Dame,.
74 16.01.20 K2 Homestay, Can Tho VNM Hotel Bnh Ty Market, difficult driving, conduite difficile, schwierige Fahrt
75 17.01.20 Floating market, march flottant, schwimmende Mrkte, Cao Dai Tempel
76 18.02.20 Nh Th Chu Doc VNM Camping in church area Tay-An Pagoda, Phuoc Dien Tu Pagoda, Chu Doc
77 19.02.20 Jetty, jete, Steg Kin Lurong VNM Wild camping Nh M Ba Chc memorial, Hang Pagoda Hon Phu Tu
78 20.02.20 Angkol Beach, Khum Angkol KHM Wild camping Ha Tien, border crossing, passage frontire, Grenzbergang
79 21.01.20 Leu Pagoda, Sianoukville KHM Camping in temple Kep, Kampot, Sianoukville
80 22.01.20 Hat Thapthim TH Wild camping Khao Kong, border, frontire, Grenze Cambodia-Thailand
81 23.01.20 Opposite, en face de, gegenber Santhiya Pier TH Wild camping Red Cross beach, car repair
82 24.01.20 Khun Nilabone, Bangkok TH Private, priv, privat Transfer day, laundry
83 25.01.20 Chatuchak, weekend market
84 26.01.20 Phahurat market, Chatuchak, weekend market
85 27.01.20 Pom Pee view point, Khao Laem national park TH Camping on camping ground River Kwae bridge, pont, Brcke, Pom Pee Viewpoint
86 28.01.20 Chilling
87 29.01.20
88 30.01.20
89 31.01.20 Sangklha Buri
90 01.02.20 Wat Pak Lad, Ban Laem TH Camping in temple Vajiralongkorn Damm
91 02.02.20 South of, au sud de, sdlich von Paradonpab Beach TH Wild camping Krommaluang Chumphon Khet Udomsak Palace
92 03.02.20 Na Phaya, Amphoe Lang Suan, Chumphon TH Wild camping Thanakorn Praset Viewpoint, car service
93 04.02.20 WIS Beach Hotel, Khanom TH Hotel Old memories, vieux souvenirs, alte Erinnerungen Nang Kam Beach
94 05.02.2020 Rest, repos, ausruhen, Laem Prathap
95 06.02.2020 Laem Talumphuk TH Wild camping Beach, Laem Talumphuk
96 07.02.2020 Na Thap (near, prs, unweit Songkhla) TH Wild camping Klongdaen, Ranot, Ao Thai
97 08.02.2020 Songkhla Zoo
98 09.02.2020 CS Pattani Hotel TH Hotel Sakom beach, arrival, arrive, Ankunft Pattani
99 10.02.2020 School, cole, Schule
100 11.02.2020 Lion dance festival, school begin, rentre scolaire, Schulbeginn
101 12.02.2020 School, cole, Schule
102 13.02.2020 School, Khun Arm's and Khun Cherry's place
103 14.02.2020 School, cole, Schule
104 15.02.2020 Ao Manao beach, Naratiwat TH Wild camping Ratcharak beach, Ao Manao, 
105 16.02.2020 CS Pattani Hotel TH Hotel Sungai Kolok visa trip, Ratcharak beach
106 17.02.2020 School, cole, Schule, Khun Arm's and Khun Cherry's place, Chris's place
107 18.02.2020 School, cole, Schule
108 19.02.2020 School, cole, Schule
109 20.02.2020 School, cole, Schule
110 21.02.2020 School, cole, Schule, Chris's place
111 22.02.2020 Ratcharak beach, Panare
112 23.02.2020
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