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The Basic Final Cleaning

In principle: The renters are responsible for the basic final cleaning and the owner for the cleaning in to depth

In details:

- The renters have to evacuate their garbage themselves. Glass should be split off and thrown away in a different container.

- The floors of the flat/chalet should be swept clean. The renters have to remove sticky residues from the tables, working surfaces and floors.

- The bathrooms especially the toilets should be left reasonably clean.

- The fire places and the windows of the fire places should be cleaned by the renters. A special cleaner to suck out the ashes is available in the lumber room.

- The dishes have to be washed and stored.

- The oven and the hotplates should be cleaned by the renters. Cleaning equipment is under the sink or in the lumber room.

- The cooking pots and pans should be cleaned by the renters. At departure the clea- ning by dish washer only is not sufficient.

- The Carnotzet and the raclette machine should be cleaned by the renters.

- The furniture, the decorative items or the kitchen accessories which have been moved have to be taken back to their original place.

The owner has the right to deduct the equivalent of his extra-costs from the deposit when one or more points are not fulfilled.

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