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Rental Conditions


If the booking occurs more than six weeks in advance, a non-refundable deposit of 25 % of the rent is required. The balance is due six weeks before the date of arrival and is also not refundable. 

If the booking occurs within six weeks of arrival, then the full amount is required at the time of booking.

The booking becomes effective the moment the money is credited to following bank account:

Address of the bank : Bank Raiffeisen, Post-box 49, 1872 Troistorrents, Switzerland

Swift Number : RAIFCH22

Bank Account Number in Swiss  Francs: 2573.94

Bank Account Number in Euros : 2573.26

Account Owner : Chalets in Switzerland - Patrick Lenz

International Bank Account Number (IBAN) for Transfers in Swiss  Francs: CH91 8080 8002 8994 8938 9

International Bank Account Number (IBAN) for Transfers in Euros: CH39 8080 8007 6115 2072 6

Email :

Permanent last minute offer : For late bookings taking place less than 1 week before arrival a dis- count of 50% on the lease will be given on the Chalet l'Hermitage and la Chaumière. The Chalet la Sagrada is subject to a discount of 25%. This offer doesn't apply during certain weeks of the peak season as well as on journeys lasting less than a week, for example on a week-end stay. 

In case of partial week bookings or any type of promotional offers like last minute for example the actual costs for fuel, electricity and cleaning will replace the weekly maintenance charge.

For advance payments made by bank transfers in Euros the exchange rate of the day of the settlement will be used for conversion; usually it is the Friday prior departure. 


A deposit against loss, breakage or damage of CHF 1’500.- for the chalet l’Hermitage, of CHF 1,000.- for each of the two apartments of the chalet la Chaumière and the chalet la Sagrada is due on arrival. It may only be left in cash in any western currency. The deposit is fully refundable after the inventory has been checked and been found to be in order.

Any extra-cost charges can be deducted from the deposit or can be paid in cash separately.

Other Conditions:  

The arrival time is between 5 and 6 PM, the departure time at 9 AM.

To allow a smooth hand over of the keys, the customer should call the following number on his arrival in the

town of Monthey : 0041/79/2134959.

The chalets l’Hermitage is designed for 8 guests, a paying extra person is accepted. The apartments on the ground floor and on the first floor of the chalet la Chaumière can host 6 and the chalet la Sagrada 5 visitors. In the ground floor apartment a paying extra person is accepted. Children, who can walk, are considered as adults.

The owner has the right or to expel those visitors exceeding the quotas above or to rise the rent proportionally to the total amount of guests.

No Smoking Sign

Smoking inside the houses is not permitted. No animals are allowed.

Snow clearing is done by the commune on all roads approaching the house but clearing within the house boundary is up to the renter during the stay.

Renters are expected to leave the house in a reasonably clean and tidy condition to avoid a charge being made against the deposit. For more details please click the word cleaning.

Please allow access to the garden for maintenance when required.

The renter must inform the owner immediately regarding any unusual or abnormal occurrences. He further has, within the bounds of what is reasonable, to take immediate action to minimize or avoid further dama- ge.

To avoid claims at the end of his journey the renter has to inform the owner immediately if he finds some of the equipment of the house damaged, out of order or broken by previous parties.  

The place of jurisdiction is Monthey.

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